It’s all kicking off here

When the weather is as lovely as its been this month it is the best time here at Pen y Wyrlod Farm. We’ve been lambing for three weeks and now nearly a hundred little black lambs are racing around the fields as their mothers bleat for them to return.


Our lambs are mainly born outside but some years we have to take them into the old stone barn for a night or two if it’s cold and wet. This year the weather has been so kind they have all been able to be outside – starting their life on our organic ancient pasture.


It’s not just happy lambs that have been making us feel good about life. We’ve welcomed back the first of the swallows that flew off to Africa as the autumn came.Swallow

And for the first time we have ducklings! We found this nest with 11 eggs on the edge of one of our ponds, but four days later the eggs disappeared and we thought the mother had been chased off.


But this week she turned up – with a whole bunch of unfeasible cute ducklings swimming along behind her……..


But the dawn chorus, the swallows and the ducklings are merely a happy distraction . The really important arrival this April has been lots of fresh, lush grass for our sheep to eat.


And that’s why our lamb is so special; ancient pastures, organically nurtured and rare breed sheep allowed to grow as nature intended. The result is fantastic tasting lean lamb, hogget and mutton with the goodness of nature passed on to you!

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