About Us

Welcome to Black Welsh Lamb – high quality organic black welsh mountain lamb from Pen y Wyrlod Farm in the uplands of North Monmouthshire.

On this site we want to show you how our lamb is grown, the sustainable methods we are trying to adopt and the historic landscape that we farm in.

Black Welsh Lamb comes from our closed flock of pedigree Black Welsh Mountain sheep developed over a fifteen year period. All our sheep are Soil Association organic accredited and Pasture Fed Livestock Association registered, as the lambs are fed only grass and hay from the farm.

Pen y Wyrlod has been here since the mid 1550’s and the land has hardly changed since that time. The fields are the same size and shape, the hedges all survive, we have ancient trees and there are more than 40 species of grass and herbs in the pasture.

This all helps us to grow lambs which only feed on natural grass and hay, developing slowly to reach maturity at their own pace. Their meat is tender, low fat and has a complex flavour that more commercial lambs simply cannot match.

Our aim is to farm naturally and sustainably and the lambs are matured for up to 18 months before slaughter, then hung for up to three weeks to give a uniquely  tasty meat.

Black Welsh Lamb is available to order, cut, packed and ready for the freezer.

We can butcher to your requirements and you can buy either a whole or half lamb.

We charge £12.50 a kilo and most lambs weigh in the region of 12 – 15Kg. A half lamb will easily fit in the freezer compartment of a small family fridge.

If you are a restaurateur interested in joining our existing prestigious client list – please drop us a line to baa@blackwelshlamb.com

Or you can call us on 01873 821387…..

or follow us on Twitter @BlackWelshLamb

Or call into the farm if you are passing. We don’t keep any meat in stock, but you can see the sheep and how we keep them.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hallo. Lovely to read about your lambs. Could you tell me if they are ever treated with anti biotics?


    1. Hi Joyce
      We use the same principle as we would for ourselves: allowing antibiotics if it is a matter of life or death. In practice, however, we have used none at all on this year’s lambs and have only treated two out of a hundred ewes after difficult births….
      Any that do get antibiotics are tagged accordingly and we try to keep them out of the food chain.


    1. Hi Ged, generally 15-18 months old. We are just starting to sell some of last year’s lambs born in March 2017. Cost is £12.50 per kilo, with free local delivery. Otherwise by courier. We can sell individual cuts frozen from the farm too.
      All the best,


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