Summer’s End……

The summer’s coming to an end .. autumn is beginning and our ewes are on the best grass, preparing for tupping and the start of another farming year.

Alltybrain Leroy

The rams, all too aware of the time of year, are peeping through the hedges in keen anticipation.

There are around four hundred bales of our meadow hay safely in the barn and we’re looking forward too. We are developing even better ways of rearing our organic pasture fed flock .

You may think our rare breed sheep have a boring diet since they only eat our grass and hay. In fact they have an incredibly diverse diet .. Not only do they graze on the forty different types of grass and herbs that make up the “grass “ in our fields, they also enjoy the wide variety of plants in our extensive hedgerows ; hazel, blackthorn, gelder rose, wych elm, hawthorn, oak , elder … and at the moment  wild plums and damsons. The ewes are loving them !

Because of this indigenous varied diet, in contrast to high protein bought-in ewe nuts , the lambs mature very slowly and at varying rates and that’s why we can offer fresh lamb all year round.

But what’s making our lamb even more special now is that we have started hanging  it for two weeks in a very carefully controlled environment so that the temperature and moisture levels are perfect for enhancing the taste and texture of  the meat .

We were very proud of our flock anyway , now we are positively delighted. It was recently chosen for a special international event for European food writers organized by Hybu Cig Cymru, Meat Promotion Wales.

If you would like to be part of the experience, we will be taking lambs on 3rd October for delivery two weeks later.  We sell whole or half lambs, butchered, vacuum packed, labeled and ready for your freezer .

We recommend our  Organic Black Welsh Box ;

  • One leg whole
  • One leg halved
  • One shoulder whole
  • One shoulder boned and diced
  • One breast boned and rolled , ready for stuffing
  • One breast minced

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